How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

The usefulness and necessity of sex are proved by all possible experiments. Regular sex is not only nice but also useful for health. And do you know that it directly contributes to weight loss? Often, people have sex for pleasure and sexual tension removal, not even knowing that it is still burning calories. How many calories are burned during preludes and your own sexual act?

Of course, not every person already has a partner who is ready to have sex. For this, there are various hookup sites where you can find a partner for one night. This is a great solution to the problem. You will get pleasure and benefit for the body (for example, burn a few extra calories).

Sex Is More Effective Than Any Diet: Different Thoughts

  • Nutritionists recommend to their patients who want to lose weight, to have sex as often as possible. During this, calories are burned much faster than performing any other physical exercise. One valuable sexual intercourse helps to burn around 200 calories, which can be equated with one lesson of fitness, aerobics, jogging, playing tennis and basketball. In addition, even those groups of muscles, which can hardly be developed, perform even the hardest physical exercises. At the time of orgasm, your pulse can reach 180 units.
  • Scientists conducted an analogy of having sex with sports. It turned out that the sport is less effective in this process. Sometimes sex can be equated to workouts with a moderate load, like walking on hilly terrain or playing tennis. But it all depends on the duration, your activity and how long you can keep a high pace. In the same study, scientists tracked the pulse rate while running on a treadmill and having sex. In the first case, the rate was higher.
  • Specialists warned that frequent sex should not be combined with complex and debilitating diets. It is easy to bring the body to exhaustion, which is accompanied by migraines, headaches and even loss of consciousness under such a regime. Oxytocin also helps a person to cope with insomnia and constant weakness. Additionally, during sex, hormone endorphin is also released. It reduces stress and prevents the development of depression, which also has a good effect on the slimming process.
  • According to health experts, it is best to have sex 2-3 times a week. If you have sex 3 times a week, you can lose about 2 kg. This frequency makes it possible to keep the body in tune, as with regular training. It also contributes to enhancing human immunity, health promotion, and calorie inactivity. But, if you have a high sexual appetite, you can have sex more often. The main thing is that intimacy brought satisfaction to both partners.

Effective Sex: Research

According to estimates of scientists during sexual intercourse, a certain amount of calories burnt. Energy consumption is equivalent to cleaning or a 10-minute jog. The average man for the average sexual intercourse (it lasted 25 minutes if you count from the beginning of caress and to the happy ending of at least a man) burns 100 kilocalories, the woman – 69 kcal. Therefore, if you want to count how many calories you spend during sex more precisely, the researchers recommend multiplying the number of minutes of the act by 3.1 calories (for women) and 4.2 (for men). That is, in 10 minutes of sex a woman spends an average of 31 kcal, a man – 42 kcal.

A Few Interesting Facts

You already know how much calories you spend on sex (200 kcal), and if you arrange something else, then additional kcal will be added to this figure!

  1. If you make hot erotic striptease for a partner: +70 kcal;
  2. If you add a prelude after a striptease: +100 kcal;
  3. If you have an orgasm: + 30-35 kcal;

That is, for one sexual intercourse you will spend 405 kcal. And having sex 3 times a week you will lose 1215 kcal.

So, if you summarize the research and tips, you can turn sex into a workout of moderate intensity. If it lasts at least 30 minutes, without fear of experiments you will burn a lot of calories and get pleasure. And it’s not terrible if you do not have anyone to have this enjoyable activity. The modern internet world offers many sites where you can find sex partner even for one night. Sometimes the choice between a 30-minute walk in the park with quick steps and having sex is quite obvious.

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