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Many people are curious about how much money cam girls usually make. It is a very complicated topic since their earnings depend on a wide variety of factors including some really volatile ones. Their revenue streams depend on the number of unique views, median viewership, streaming time, so-called customs, the willing to cater to the audience, and many other aspects.

Let’s take a closer look at the industry and try to find out how much money cam girls make on free sex cam sites. And here is list of these websites:

We will try to break down potential earnings and discuss some ways that girls can make an additional income by being active. It is important to understand that numbers vary wildly depending on a plethora of unpredictable or unreliable data. Again, it is nearly impossible to say how much money a typical live sex streamer makes per week, month or year.

Places Where Cam Girls Work

There are many free sex cam sites that allow girls to stream. The deal is simple: performers stream for free in order to attract an audience and then switch to working with few paying regulars. The vast majority of modern nude girls are independent web entrepreneurs with a studio behind them.

Most free sex cam sites do not charge for the public content created by cam girls. You may very well be able to watch high-quality streams with gorgeous performers who are trying to gain viewership. However, premium shows and streams where cam girls actually perform naughty shows usually cost some money. The fraction of that money goes to the website while the biggest chunk goes directly to performers.

Many websites also allow girls to create so-called “customs”, specialized videos created for specific users. These videos can be sold either via the website or privately. Views of private videos and previous performances by girls also cost money and allow girls to make more income.
The quality of service on the website often decides how many girls are willing to perform and how many customers are there to pay for premium content.

How Much Do Live Cam Girls Get Paid?

This is the juiciest part of the discussion. The vast majority of girls usually generate income through several channels. It is not efficient to receive money only through donations or subscriptions. Some people claim that streaming cam girls make from 90,000 to 150,000 annually. Earning up to 5 grand per week is quite normal for many cam girls.

Sometimes there are porn stars streaming on cam websites. Read about TOP 5 Camsoda Models

How Do They Earn So Much?

  • Streaming regularly. Some cam girls work only 2-4 hours per day. There are some who spend up to 10 hours of streaming. Obviously, the vast majority of the stream is something casual. Some even game or read for their viewers while preparing for the real show.
  • Creating content. Selling custom videos and creating highlight reels that can be later uploaded to the service or video hosting sites like Pornhub also generate a solid chunk of income. Again, the amount of money earned depends on the creativity and work ethics of the girl.
  • Private streams. Many girls have wealthy dedicated fans who will pay extra (often, a lot) to see girls perform private 1-on-1 shows. These streams may generate up to a thousand dollars per show and even more. It depends on the generosity of the viewer.

Note that there are girls who make literally no money and even lose some due to being lazy. The competition in the market is fierce making it hard for lazy newcomers to earn a good salary.

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